FCS error on link

penjelasan di mikrotiknya seperti ini :

A duplex mismatch occurs when two connected devices are configured in different duplex modes. This may happen for example if one is configured for autonegotiation while the other one has a fixed mode of operation that is full duplex (no autonegotiation). In such conditions, the autonegotiation device correctly detects the speed of operation, but is unable to correctly detect the duplex mode. As a result, it sets the correct speed but starts using the half-duplex mode.

When a device is operating in full duplex while the other one operates in half duplex, the connection works only with at a very low throughput when both devices attempt to send frames at the same time. This is because data can be sent in both directions at the same time in full-duplex mode, but only in one direction at a time in half-duplex mode. As a result, a full-duplex device may transmit data while it is receiving. However, if the other device is working in half duplex, it does not expect to receive data (because it is currently sending); therefore, it senses a collision and attempts to resend the frame it was sending. Depending on timing, the half-duplex device may sense a late collision, which it will interpret as a hard error rather than a normal consequence of CSMA/CD and may not attempt to resend the frame. On the other hand, the full-duplex device does not detect any collision and does not resend the frame, even if the other device has discarded it as corrupted by collision. Still, the full-duplex device, not expecting incoming frames to be truncated by collision detection, will report frame check sequence errors from the aborted frames the half-duplex device attempted to send. This combination of (late) collisions reported at the half-duplex end and FCS errors reported by the full-duplex end can be used as an indication that a duplex mismatch is present.

This packet loss happens when both devices are transmitting at the same time. This may happen even when the link is used, from the user’s perspective, in one direction only. A TCP stream requires all packets sent to be acknowledged by the receiving device. As a result, even if actual data is sent in one direction only, collision may be generated with acknowledgement packets traveling in the other direction.


Jelasnya : Terjadinya bentrok antara settingan di mikrotik di bagian interface
Langkah apa saja yang bisa dilakukan untuk menyelesaikannya :
Masuk ke winbox –> masuk ke settingan interfaces —–>>>trus ke ethernet ——>>>trus kamu matikan ceklis pada Auto negotiation dan untuk jumlah bandwite dia kan otomatis memilih badwite diantara jumlah yang diberikan ISP dan untuk ceklis full duplex biar kan tetap aktif

kenapa harus ceklis dihilangkan pada Auto negotiation : agar bandwidth yang di minta tidak melebihi kapasitas yang di berikan dari ISP yang bisa menyebabkan troble yang berulang 2 yang tidak kita sadari.
Untuk memastikan kamu bisa cek di halaman log apa masih terjadi pasti tidak.


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